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An Article Written by a Jfam Alum - Maya

Updated: Nov 24, 2023

Our Jfam alum Maya, aged 10, had an assignment in her garden class. She was interested in flowers and wanted to learn more about the benefits and applications of Zinnia and Nasturtium, two flowers that grow in abundance in our garden!! Enjoy!

Today you will be learning about the different uses of Zinnia (left) and Nasturtium (right). They are both edible and used in cooking for different uses.


Nasturtium are beautiful plants, that come with a variety of different colored flowers such as yellow, orange, white and red. The whole plant is edible from the roots to the stems, flowers and leaves. They are used as medicine for chest colds, growing of new blood cells and antiseptic qualities. They are also used for cooking because of its flavor improver and because it’s high in minerals.


Zinnias are commonly used to help with depression, heaviness of heart, difficulty relaxing and parenting. They are also commonly grown because, due to its short lifespan of one year, it grows pretty fast. It is a great decoration and gift to spouse or loved one.


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