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Welcome to Laulima Garden 'Ohana

E Komo Mai!

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Laulima Garden 'Ohana is a grassroots educational garden whose name means “Many Hands Working Together.” Over the past five years, our four acre land has transformed from a small kitchen garden to a home of over 60 edible fruits, veggies and plants!  
We collectively aim to strengthen and celebrate edible landscaping and sustainable living practices.

We offer volunteer opportunities, kids day camps, garden classes, and more!

Endorsement from Uncle George Kahumoku Jr.


We Stand
With Lahaina!

Our hearts are with the survivors of the Maui Wildfire tragedy each moment of the day. In addition to donating what we can to Hungry Heroes Hawaii, we are co-creating a Lahaina Tree Initiative with Rainbow Fish which will help restore the vegetation of Lahaina side with edible plants and trees when the soil has been restored.
If you see a place where we can support you in our efforts, please reach out! Additionally, we welcome you to join us in any and all of our community offerings free of charge!


Check out our Patreon page, where we offer exclusive access to our extensive library of subtropical plant knowledge, Hawaiian cultural information, and tasty recipes for you to try at home!


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Garden 'Ohana Community Forum

Check out our online community forum, where you can stay up to date about the latest, exciting events happening in our community, as well as join in on the discussion, sharing plant tips and tricks, delicious garden recipes, pest management, Hawaiian Moon Phases, and much, much more!


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